How to Look For Product Reviews on Social Media

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How to Look For Product Reviews on Social Media

Product reviews really have a great impact on sales level of a product. There are statistics which proves that normally more than half of the consumers have a look at the product reviews before making any buying decision. These product reviews act as social proofs for the consumers and ensure that the buyers are highly satisfied with their buying decisions. If you really want to have increased sales and good brand reputation so here are some tips.

Placing your reviews

You need to place the reviews in the right place. Place some reviews on the home page. If the reviews are not general and are specific product based, then publish the reviews according to the products they are about on respective product page. The other thing you can do is to make a new page for all these reviews so that people could have a look at reviews all at once. You just need to be sure about one thing that the site which you’ve designed, works well for the product you are adding reviews about.

Easy access

You need to be easily accessible by the customers on all the social media accounts of your brand. Being accessible would be the best way to have honest reviews and replies from the customers. Many brands have failed in their social media marketing as they were not accessible by a lot of customers.

Follow up

Be in consistent contact with your Instagram Followers and always make sure that you’ve sent them an email when they’ve done any purchase. A thank you email sent by you to your customer will definitely leave a good impression of your brand in the customer’s mind and this is the pro tip to gain and retain customers as the customer is the key part of any business.

Ask Questions.

You need to know about your customer’s choices and preferences and for this sake, you need to be in contact with your target audience and keep asking them questions regarding what they want and how you can fulfill the wants of the customers.

Be in contact with people who give good reviews

Don’t ever forget to reply to the reviews whether they are good or bad. Giving replies to the comments of customers leave a good impression on them. If the customer leaves a glowing review, thank him and if it’s something negative or complain, try to satisfy the customers.

These were some of the tips which will surely help you.