Importance of Instagram Filters to Enhance Pictures

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Importance of Instagram Filters to Enhance Pictures

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing application. Everyday millions of people share millions on photos on Instagram with different filters. A perfect filters adds to the beauty of a picture. It makes the picture even better. Choosing the right filter is important before posting a photo. A picture with a nice filter helps in getting more likes and comments on your picture. Moreover, a nice filter works as an outfit for your picture. After applying a filter to your picture, you can even view the before and after results on your picture, which helps you in taking the decision.

Filters works like magic for your photos. It can help turn a simple phone picture into an aesthetic one. Filters are what you need to have an appealing Instagram feed. A nice feed attracts more people towards your profile. When you have a nice feed, more people would follow you and leave comments on your profile. Instagram filters could be used to highlight some parts of a photo. By now, you know that there is no such thing as candid shots. Every photo you see on Instagram takes a lot to be captured. Filters add colors to a boring picture. But restrain from adding a lot of filters to a single picture. Adding a lot of filters on a single picture would make the picture look less attractive and appealing to the viewers.

The most popular Instagram filters (Source:

Filters enhances any picture. It has a great effect on your Instagram feed. Some of the best Instagram filters are;

Clarendon: It is the most liked filter by Instagrammers. People from 119 different countries use this filter to enhance the beauty of their picture. This filter brightens the image. It makes the color “blue” more prominent in the pictures.

Gingham: This filter rules the world. It gives a vintage and an old look to the image. It decreases the brightness of the picture.

Amaro: This filters gives a more historic look to your pictures. This filter could be applied to many historic places, ancient mosques, old buildings etc.

Hudson: This filters enhances shadows. It could be used in pictures of architecture.

Sierra: It adds more of a cozy and a soft look to your picture.

Crema: This is also a soft filter which gives a vintage look to your picture by enhancing the color brown and yellow in your picture.

Juno: This filter could be applied to the shots of forests or photos with greenery. It enhances the color green in a picture. It gives an urban look to the pictures.

Lark: This filter is great for nature photography. Lark brings life to the pictures of nature.

Valencia: This filter is used to bring life to the dull and boring colors in the picture.

Slumber: This filter is most used for selfies. It gives a soft look to the image, and gives exposure to the picture.

Filters are as important as the need to get a nice picture. A normal picture without filters can sometimes be boring, but who needs to worry when we have got filters. It is right to say that filters works as an outfit for your pictures.